Sample Policy Reviewed on July, 2022

Dear Customers,

Thank you for reading Qinghe Sample Policy. Due to the quantity of sample requests we receive daily, we have issued the following Sample Policy implemented from Oct 1st, 2005.

For samples within 20cm x 20cm, Gross Weight with packing less than 500G:

If the customer has a DHL payable account, we can send free SSS (similar specification samples).

If the customer does not have a DHL payable account, a Courier Cost of USD60.00 (or EUR45.00) to USD120.00 (or EUR90.00) will be charged according to the destination country.

Sample will be SSS, for specification reference only.

For samples bigger than 20cm x 20cm, Gross Weight with packing more than 500G:

Terms are the same as Term 1, 2, and 3 above. However, sample cost might be charged for very few cases. And Air Courier Cost might be higher depending on the weight. Please confirm with your sales person for the details.

For samples that need to be EXACTLY THE SAME SPECIFICATION as inquiry:

Sample Manufacturing Cost and air courier cost will be charged, and sample will be sent by DHL or TNT. Please confirm with Qinghe’ sales person for the details.

Sample costs will be refunded when a bulk order is confirmed unless otherwise specified.

Sample Policy F.A.Q

 Why do we have this Sample Policy?

Because of increased number of Free Sample Requests we receive daily, we found that Sample Cost exceeds much of our budget, and it has been proved that 60% of them are not serious requests. This will make our promotion cost much higher and decrease our ability of keeping our pricing competitive. Most importantly, this will make us spend a lot of time on the un-serious requests, which is very unfair to our serious customers and their requests.

What is SSS?

SSS is Similar Speciation Samples. According to our experience, in most of the inquiries, SSS are enough for customer reference for most of the cases. And this will make the sample providing very easy and fast, as we can choose and cut some samples from our previous orders leftovers, because sometimes we make a little more quantity for each bulk order.

Is this Sample Policy fair for serious requests and customers?

Definitely it is. This Sample Policy helps us to concentrate on serving serious inquiries. And if the customer has DHL payable account, we provide free samples (similar specifications in small size); If customer can not provide payable account, cost charged is just for paying the air courier; If the sample needs to be specially made on the machine, cost charged is just a part of our actual cost. Moreover, Sample Cost customer has paid will be refunded when the order is made.

 Does this Sample Policy apply for all customers?

NO. It is for new customers we have not finalized any business with. This Sample Policy is not for our current customers including some who have finalized even one business with us.

Facts of Manufacturing a Sample

Machines are always busy for bulk orders.

For most of the time, all of our machines are in the tight schedule for manufacturing orders which will be shipped weeks later to meet the lead time. For most of the cases, we do not have one spare machine which is there for the purpose of making samples only.

Mold Installing takes time and costs money.

To make a specific sample, we have to stop our currently working machine, take off the current mold, install the required mold and adjust it; this is extremely time-consuming. After manufacturing the sample, we have to repeat the procedure again to resume our order manufacturing.

Material Sourcing Difficulty.

For a specific material or a specific specification, it might not be a problem if we place an order for tons of material from our supplier. However, if we just need several kilos for making a sample, we found sometimes it is hard to source the material.

We are not a stock keeper.

We are a manufacturer manufacturing against confirmed bulk orders. And customers’ requirements are quite different from one another.

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

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